1 x 1.3kW Agricultural Heater + 1 Controller

£329.12 (Price includes VAT and UK mainland delivery)

1.3kW heater with a controller which allows the heat output to be adjusted, giving useable warmth 24 hours a day from around 5p an hour. Heater may be wall mounted or suspended using the optional suspension kit.

The heater has a tempered safety glass front and is sealed against dust and moisture to IP54, so it’s safe to rinse off for maintaining hygiene.  The infrared element is user-replaceable.

The controller works like a dimmer switch on a light, allowing you to adjust the heat according to the weather for maximum animal comfort, but without wasting precious energy. Turn it up and instantly there’s more warmth - turn it down and there’s less.

Energy draw will be from 300 Watts – so the typical running costs will be in the range 5p to 18p per hour, depending on the setting.

(please note - this product is intended for professional installation)


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