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"Thank you very much for the solarium - it arrived safe and sound. Equine SunSwitch solariums are still the best around!"
Melissa Whitaker

"The SunSwitch system is so flexible and cost effective that we feel this has been one of our best investments so far. The horses would agree wholeheartedly! Recommended."
Sandra Donaldson

"SunSwitch infrared is a valuable asset in my work. Warming muscles thoroughly allows me to work deeper into the muscle and reduces the chance of any stiffness after treatment."
Julie Churchyard - Equine Sports Massage Therapist

"Equine SunSwitch stable heaters have been an amazing success. We would like to order another six."
Sue Burton - Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary

"They have been so fantastic for my competition boys, relaxing them while plaiting, warming them up before I ride, drying them off after exercise. You name it Equine SunSwitch Solariums do it!"
Low Winters Dressage

"We have used them for sick horses and foals, and they've been fantastic with horses with back pains. I couldn't be without it in the show season, it's ideal for quick drying."
Longdon Livery Centre

"I found Equine SunSwitch great to deal with, very responsive and professional. They answered all my queries promptly and when I ordered the product it arrived quickly. The electrician who installed it was impressed with the quality of the controller. I use it all the time, the horses love it and I even use it in the summer on early mornings when it is a bit chilly and to get the horses dry quickly. In winter it really warms them up, I put them under it when I put the equissage on them and they are very relaxed when I get on them! The Vets, horse chiros etc also love it!! It has been one of the best things I have bought for the horses."
Julia Weir (Australia)