When we keep animals in captivity, recreating the environmental conditions of their indigenous habitats is vital for their survival and good health. This includes maintaining appropriate levels of temperature, humidity and light appropriate to the species, wherever they may have come from. In the natural world nearly all animals like to bask - some in full sun - and some in the filtered light of trees, vegetation or rocky outcrops.

In most enclosures, warmth is a key component of basking zones, and a combination of UV, bright white light and shortwave infrared heat will provide an ideal basking zone. Animals will thermo-regulate, moving away from the basking zone to be cooler, and into it to be warmer.

The sun warms the earth with short wavelength infrared. The longer wavelengths are filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere. It is the highly effective shortwave infrared heaters from SunSwitch BaskZone® together with our range of  controls that will provide an ideal heat source for basking zones.

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BaskZone® Infrared Animal & Reptile Heater - 1.5kW
BaskZone® Control System - up to 4 Heaters
BaskZone® Control System 1-2 Heaters
Manual Controller – 3kW
Infrared element for 1.5kW heaters
Energy-saving PIR controller
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Infrared Reptile/Animal Heater - 1.5kW