Stable Heater SH1

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Stable Heater SH1
SH1 is a low-cost heating solution for one horse stable or loose box. It comprises a SunSwitch BaskZone® shortwave infrared heater, plus a controller that allows full adjustment of the heat output for complete comfort - whatever the weather - and even overnight. The stable heater is wall mounted or suspended above the stable. The controller is usually sited nearby. The aim is not to heat the whole stable – a cosy corner or ‘basking zone’ will allow the horse to 'thermo-regulate', moving into the zone for more warmth or away to be cooler.

SunSwitch BaskZone® stable heaters provide gentle background warmth exactly like that of the sun. This form of infrared does not heat the air directly, so will not drift away in a normally ventilated stable. Safe to leave on overnight, BaskZone® stable heaters reduce the need to rug horses, improving skin and coat condition, and saving time and laundry costs.

The shortwave infrared from SH1 is readily absorbed into the horses skin and muscle tissue. Skin and coat condition will improve, and the coat will develop a perfect horse show sheen without chemical conditioners. Stable heaters are great for foaling mares and convalescent horses too – the gentle background warmth reduces bacterium which can contribute to respiratory conditions and speeds up wound healing.

Mounted above the horses’ line of sight, BaskZone® stable heaters emit a gentle red glow which does not affect the horse’s internal biological clock. However, it does allow discreet observation overnight and avoids the stress caused by switching white lights on at night.

  • Combats cold, improves mood, reduces the need for food calories.
  • Relaxes and calms – especially good for box walkers and crib biters.
  • Calms horses during stressful procedures e.g. shoeing, dentistry & clipping.
  • Reduces the need for rugging, saving time and laundry costs.
  • Stimulates natural oils in the skin, improving skin and coat condition.
  • Simple to install and economical to run.

Running costs - from less than 3p an hour (68p/day if used 24/7).


Splashproof Safe for use in washboxes
Power rating 1.5kW
Adjustable heat level Adjustable heat level
Works from standard mains Works from standard mains
Replaceable element Replaceable infrared element


(please note - this product is intended for professional installation)

BaskZone® 1.5kW heater X1
BaskZone® controller X1
Junction box X1
Cable glands X2
Screws and wall plugs for heater x2


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