BaskZone® Infrared Animal & Reptile Heater - 1.5kW

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BaskZone® Shortwave Infrared Heater
The BaskZone®  1.5kW shortwave infrared heat emitter is ideal for use in animal and reptile enclosures. Research shows that the wavelengths of infrared produced by BaskZone® heaters are very similar to those of the sun. These wavelengths are readily absorbed into the animal’s body, warming skin and muscle tissue, and encouraging natural basking behaviour.

A single BaskZone® heater mounted at 1.5m will create a superb, effective basking zone warm enough even for tropical species:

 Size of basking zone Min. temperature
1.6m x 1.25m 35°C
1.0m x 1.0m 37.5°C
0.75 x 0.75m 37.5 to 40°C

Thermal Gradient

Larger basking zones can be created with multiple BaskZone® heaters. Output from BaskZone® heaters can also be overlapped to create very high temperature basking zones.

To regulate heat output for a complete and versatile basking zone solution use BaskZone® heaters in conjunction with our simple to use range of controls.


Power Output 1.5kW
Power Supply 230 – 250Vac
Ingress Protection IPX5
(moisture & splashproof)
Element Life 5000 – 7000 hrs
User replaceable
Dimensions 46 x 19.5 x 8.5cm

Supplied with tilt & swivel mounting bracket, front safety grille and 5m cable. Linking plates are included to join BaskZone® heaters together to make large arrays.


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