Infrared Poultry/Livestock Heater - 2.0kW

£295.00 (Price includes VAT and UK mainland delivery)


  • Super-large parabolic reflector for even heat distribution.
  • ROBAX tempered glass front.
  • Fully weatherproof to IP23.
  • Long life gold element with neutral light output.
  • Supplied with tilt-adjustable bracket and 3m cable.
  • Mild-steel powder-coated enclosure.

Ideal for warming large animals and for poultry production, this rugged high-output 2.0kW infrared heater has a hygienic ROBAX ceramic glass front. It is suitable for use in areas subject to moisture and damp, and is easy to clean.  The heater produces shortwave infrared which is absorbed effectively into animals, warming them properly even in cold air. Long-life gold element and a large parabolic reflector produce an excellent heat output, with an even heat distribution over a large area. Adjustable tilt & swivel mounting bracket.

Rec. mounting height: 2.5 – 3.0m.

Rec. mounting angle: 45°

Warm zone: 20 – 25m².

Electrical supply: 220-240V ac 50/60 Hz single phase.

Power consumption: 2.0kW.

Insulation: Class 1.

Enclosure: Mild steel, powder coated dark grey, with aluminium reflector.

Environmental protection: IP23 (splash proof).

Element life: 5000 hours (nom.).
Colour: Textured grey.

Dimensions: 50x 23 x 16cm (whd).

Weight: 4.5kg.
Cable: 3.0m silicon insulator cable, heat resistant to 180°C.

Robax® high emissivity glass front.
 Stainless steel tilt & swivel wall bracket included.

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