Kennels and Catteries

Kennels and Catteries

Kennel and cattery buildings are often poorly insulated and partially open to the outside. Because of this, commonly used heating methods like tubular heaters and convectors are costly to run and fail to warm the indoor enclosures adequately.

SunSwitch BaskZone® heaters work by producing shortwave infrared heat to warm dogs and cats without directly heating the air. This natural, comfortable form of heat stays put even when run doors are open.  Furthermore, as you only need to heat the occupied areas, energy-savings can be significant.

This safe, cost-effective and controllable heating solution complies with The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018.

“This is a million times better than our old heating system and I would recommend it without reservation to other kennel owners.”
Rupert Farrant, Broad Oak Kennels Ltd.

Broad Oak Kennels

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2 x 1.3kW Kennel & Cattery Heater + 1 controller
1 x 1.3kW Kennel & Cattery Heater + 1 controller
1.3kW Kennel & Cattery Heater
Manual Controller – 3kW
Infrared element for 1.3kW Heater
Suspension kit for 1.3kW Kennel & Cattery Heaters