Tackroom Heater + controller

£412.12 (Price includes VAT and UK mainland delivery)

Tackroom Heater
Banish mouldy damp tack forever with this high-quality wall mounted 1.5kW heater for use in tack rooms, yard kitchens, toilets and store areas. Instantly takes the chill off and reduces damp. Fully adjustable controller allows you to leave the heater on all night safely to combat damp that would otherwise damage your valuable tack and equipment. Supplied with a tilt-and-swivel adjustable mounting bracket for easy positioning, and 1.5 metre cable.

  • Fully adjustable background warmth.
  • Works in poorly insulated buildings.
  • Provides protection against frost and damp.
  • Inexpensive to run.
  • May be left on 24/7.
  • Runs from standard mains.

Running costs - from under 2.5p an hour.


Splashproof Damp and moisture-proof
Power rating 1.5kW
Adjustable heat level Adjustable heat level
Works from standard mains Works from standard mains
Replaceable element Replaceable infrared element


(please note - this product is intended for professional installation)

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