SunSwitch BaskZone® – shortwave infrared heating for animals

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SunSwitch BaskZone® is the UK’s top manufacturer of horse solariums, horse dryers and stable heaters. We also lead the way supplying zoos like London, Chester and Marwell with basking zone heaters for their animal and reptile enclosures.   Our shortwave infrared heaters are used extensively on farms, providing safe and economical warmth for lambing pens, livestock barns and poultry sheds.  Boarding kennels and catteries are also discovering BaskZone® infrared heaters as an inexpensive and effective way to keep pets warm, while complying fully with the latest animal welfare regulations.

Horse Solariums & Stable Heaters

Equine SunSwitch® - the only canopy-free, wall-mounted horse solariums designed specifically to fully envelop horses in relaxing infrared warmth.  Effective for horses and ponies of all sizes, Equine SunSwitch horse solariums are perfect for warm-ups, therapy and rapid drying - right down to the skin - including legs and belly.

No canopy frame - means access for you and freedom for your horse - heat and session time adjustable - no noisy blowers - safe for use in wet areas.

BaskZone® Stable Heaters
 lead to calm, contented and healthy horses. Fully heat adjustable they can safely be left on 24x7. Stable heaters reduce the need to use rugs, saving on time and laundry, and improve skin and coat condition.

Background warmth day and night - heat adjustable - ideal for foaling and convalescence - from less than 3p an hour to run.


SunSwitch BaskZone® heaters - together with our range of controls and sensors - provide a complete basking zone solution for zoo animals as well as those kept as pets.  Research and trials by the British and Irish Zoo Association concluded that the type of shortwave infrared produced by BaskZone® heaters is ideal for basking zones in animal enclosures. Their performance has been independently assessed validated.

Kennels and Catteries

Kennels and Catteries

Kennel and cattery buildings are often poorly insulated and may be partially open to the elements. So commonly used heating methods - like tubular heaters and convectors - are costly to run and may fail to warm sleeping areas adequately.

SunSwitch BaskZone® heaters produce shortwave infrared heat that warms dogs and cats without directly heating the air. The warmth stays put even where the enclosures are open to the elements.

A safe, economical and controllable solution that complies with the latest Animal Welfare Regulations.


Agricultural infrared lamps (pig lamps) have a low output and must be placed very close to an animal to be of any benefit. SunSwitch BaskZone® heaters are much more powerful and can be wall-mounted or hung at a safe distance from animals, creating a large, effective pool of warmth.  The infrared from our heaters feels just like that from the sun and is a healthy and natural heat source. A warm basking zone in the corner of an enclosure provides physical comfort, as well as a calm and relaxing spot to recover from parturition or illness.

Suitable for animals of all breeds and sizes, including poultry, sheep and cattle.


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